Daflon. For the Relief and Prevention of Hemorrhoidal disease.

How does Daflon work?

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Daflon is a convenient oral venoactive treatment that gets to the root of hemorrhoid problems by working to treat the veins that become dilated and inflamed during a hemorrhoidal episode. 1

Daflon quickly works to treat hemorrhoidal disease by reducing the associated signs and symptoms of the disease and can also strengthen the overall tone of your veins, helping to improve blood flow and reducing venous congestion for long term management of hemorrhoids. 1

Formulated for Fast Absorption and Relief

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Daflon is a clinically proven, effective and discrete oral treatment derived from natural ingredients and specially formulated for maximum absorption. 1

This improved absorption means Daflon can rapidly get to the root of the problem to conveniently and discretely reduce the duration, intensity and recurrence of hemorrhoid episodes, with different dosing options for fast-acting treatment of acute episodes, or ongoing maintenance for recurring hemorrhoid disease. 2

Rapid Relief

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Daflon 500 is clinically proven to quickly and effectively treat hemorrhoidal episodes for rapid relief. 1,2 In just two days, 42% of users demonstrated a reduction in their symptoms and in only three days, 80% reported that their bleeding had stopped. After a single week, most people reported that their symptoms, including bleeding, pain and discharge had resolved.

Daflon can also be used for up to two months to treat chronic and recurring hemorrhoids. With just one pill a day, 71% of users reported fewer instances of acute episodes. 5

Rapid relief for Acute Hemorrhoids

At 2 days

42% of patients experienced mild reduction of symptoms

At 3 days

80% of patients' bleeding stopped 2

At 7 days

94% of patients' bleeding stopped 2 84% of patients' pain stopped 4 81% of patients' discharge stopped 4

Ongoing treatment for Recurrent Hemorrhoids

At 2 months

31% Less severe symptoms

43% Shorter duration of symptoms

71% fewer recurences

Naturally sourced, scientifically prepared.

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The active ingredient in Daflon is a micronized purified flavonoid fraction (MPFF)6 containing 90% diosmin and 10% other flavonoids expressed as hesperidin.

Daflon’s flavonoids are extracted from immature oranges that are rich in these naturally occurring plant chemicals. The compounds undergo a process of purification and refinement where the particles are made to collide with each other at high speeds (micronization), reducing them to tiny particles, less than 2 μm in size (micronized). These smaller particles are absorbed twice as easily by the body and are a key ingredient of Daflon’s success as a treatment for improving vein health and tone in Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Hemorrhoids. 6

Safety Information:

Daflon 500mg Safety Information

Daflon 500: Micronized, purified flavonoid fraction 500 mg: 450 mg diosmin; 50 mg flavonoids expressed as hesperidine.


Treatment of the symptoms of chronic venous disease of the lower limbs, either organic or functional: feeling of heavy legs, pain, night cramps. Treatment of acute hemorrhoidal episodes.


In venous disease: 1000mg daily.In acute hemorrhoidal attacks: the dosage can be increased up to 3000mg daily.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.


The administration of this product for the symptomatic treatment of acute hemorrhoids does not preclude treatment for other anal conditions. If symptoms do not subside promptly, a proctological examination should be performed and the treatment should be reviewed.

Excipients: sodium-free.


FERTILITY* PREGNANCY / LACTATION* - Treatment should be avoided.



Common: diarrhoea, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting. Rare: dizziness, headache, malaise, rash, pruritus, urticaria. Uncommon: colitis. Frequency not known: abdominal pain, isolated face, lip, eyelid oedema. Exceptionally Quincke's oedema.


Vascular protector and venotonic.

[Tradename] acts on the return vascular system: it reduces venous distensibility and venous stasis; in the microcirculation, it normalizes capillary permeability and reinforces capillary resistance.


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For complete information, please refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics for your country.


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